An Adventure into the Wilderness

In this wilderness experience the consumption of body fluids is not required to survive, if you are consuming Badger or Black Sheep - it will be the local ale in the pub afterwards, not the local wildlife!

You’ll have to survive the day with little more than your own ingenuity - a Canoe, a bag of grub and a Flint & Steel, oh and one of our expertly qualified instructors! Journey in Canoes along the wooded shores of Lake Windermere to a sheltered bay and create a two course lunch. No kangaroo balls or elephant dung… we are talking fire-blazed gourmet pizza’s. There is the option of wild garlic bread or nettle tea, if you feel the need for bush tucker. This is all followed by a choice of tasty puds, all cooked in the glowing embers.

Back at base and freshly showered with the woodsmoke aroma removed, you are ready to head out on the minibus pub tour as your evening entertainment. Taste the best ales South Lakeland has to offer from its local micro-breweries, served in warm and friendly pubs.

Sunday morning will separate the men from the boys. Travel to a nearby mountain ghyll, wade through fast flowing rapids and climb up epic waterfalls and plunge into clear mountain pools (or at least that is how you will tell the story!). Highly recommended to clear the head and dunk the stag!

This weekend is great if you have a mixture of those who are adventurous outdoories and those who are adventurous foodies! 

A residential weekend package including accommodation, and activities in the Lake District 


Self Catered Accommodation
Humphrey Head Outdoor Centre
Sole use of Property


Ghyll Scramble Full Day or
Canoe Buscraft Full Day
Beer Tour Evening
Canoe Half Day or
Ghyll Scramble Half Day


BBQ and Beers
Beer Tour (included)  & Pub Food (extra)
Bushcraft Feast

All prices include VAT 

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