Captain Sensibles guide to organising a stag do

Rule 1 - Don’t fall out over money

We come across stag do’s all the time where the tension is already a bit high, people who sounded up for the activities haven’t paid, or one person doesn’t want to do one activity and wants to pay less.
Here’s how to do it:
Go to the book now page and enquire about your chosen dates and wait for us to give you the go ahead.
Email the entire stag party with your proposal and state the price per person for 8 people, say this is an in or out deal as it is a package.
As soon as 6 or so folk are on board (i.e. handed over money), consider booking the package by paying the deposit (35%). If you have more than 8, thats great the price will come down.

Thats it you have got the bookings sorted!

The latecomers aren’t left behind - they can call us direct to book on, once the package deposit is paid (assuming there is capacity and time to organise it).
We don’t discount the late arrivals and take their payment in full and so they will always pay the same or more - so no-one feels hard done by and the maths stay easy. 

Rule 2 - Don’t lose your booking (through faffing about)

Before 6 weeks ahead we will start chasing you for the balance if its still due. 6 weeks before isn’t the time to start asking for money, it’s the end date of your payment window.
If it gets too close to the date and money hasn’t been handed over we will have to cancel your booking, (peoples mortgages are relying on us and we can’t pay them if you don’t pay us). So we cancel and everyone tries to find a different customer for that day.

We do bend over backwards to avoid cancelling bookings and it is a very rare occurrence.

Rule 3 - Understand what you are buying - and let the others know

You are buying:
A package put together by Activities in Lakeland made of individual products supplied by various providers with their own terms and conditions

Activities include (unless specifically stated)
All your technical equipment needed
Access to the venues (but not parking charges)
Providers with public liability insurance (but not personal accident)

Activities doesn’t include (unless specifically stated)
Personal clothing
Personal accident insurance or property insurance
Personal car parking charges
Transport to and from venues

Accommodation always includes (unless specifically stated)
Use of beds
Electricity, heating and water

Accommodation doesn’t always include (unless specifically stated)

Let everyone know what is and isn’t included. Most commonly people get confused about what meals are included and that they will need to bring towels.

Rule 4 - Make sure everyone understands the security deposit

We take a standard damage deposit with the final payment - repayable within 2 working days of a successful trip, as long as everything is okay with the providers.

The deposit doesn’t limit your liability to just that money - it’s quick and easy to solve small damage claims. We all know that these things get out of hand from time to time and accidents happen, but do expect to pay for these occurrences.  There will be little change from your deposit if a plumber or glazer needs to come out, or a mattress replaced.
The organiser is ultimately liable for any damages the group makes to the activity providers, transport provider and accommodation venues, property and business.

The booking is classified as open, this means that late comers of the stag party can book on after the initial booking is made. The organised (you), must understand that anyone added at a later date falls under your responsibility and deposit. If you would prefer us not to accept bookings directly please tell us when booking.

Rule 5 - Think about what the risks are 

There are a few ways to be a unpopular best man, the groom hobbling down the aisle on crutches or sporting an unfortunate forehead tattoo. Activity related injuries are very rare, but they do happen - most accidents are post-pub and curb related.

Some things do have a higher chance of damage occurring and certain underlying issues can make people more prone to injury.
It is probably not a great idea to keep the activities a secret until the day.
Canyoning is particularly worthy of thought - jumping off things, by its nature is something we only have a limited control of - doing it wrong, does hurts.
Everyone needs to sign up to the fact that our instructors will warn you of the dangers, explain how to do things safely and discuss the risks openly. What you or your party chose to do, is up to the individual and is their responsibility.

Most of our providers don’t carry personal accident insurance on your behalf. It may be worth considering to purchase this, incase you have to cancel a honeymoon or wedding, due to falling over shoelaces or having a genuine accident. It is relatively cheap.

Your property is your own responsibility - since the advent of smart phones we have seen £1000’s of technology ruined - be warned.

Rule 6 - Turn up 

The main reason most people don’t arrive for activities or miss included meals is not saving the information where it is accessible when the internet signal gives out. Print out the directions and bring them with you. 
Bring the right phone numbers so you can call THE CORRECT PROVIDER if you are lost, or late. Activities in Lakeland doesn’t man the phones at the weekend.
Satellite navigation may not give you a sensible route (i.e in theory they are roads, but in reality they are fields) also when the internet dries up, the phone navigation dies too. 

Rule 7 - Turn up on Sunday

Saturday is definitely a night for quaffing a beverage or two, but don’t forget you need to drive (in most packages) on Sunday morning. Remember if any member isn’t capable of driving to the activity, the provider would consider them not to be fit for activities either and cancel the activities.

Most providers now stock breathalysers in case of argument.

Rule 8 - Unbooked members are not going to be happy. 

Our providers don’t take cash on the day for extras - latecomers are people who book after the group price has been settled, not those who surprise us on the day by appearing from nowhere.
We can book on extras up to 48 hours before the weekend, so get them to phone and tell us. 

Rule 9 - Ask the right questions 

What medical conditions have the party got?
Is there anything that terrifies members of the group?
Where is each meal coming from?
Do I need to book the party into the pub myself?

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