5 reasons why to have a Stag Do in the Lake District

It’s close to everywhere

If you book a stag do at some swanky joint in London, there is quite a high chance that people more than half the county is 5 hours or more away. If you have a mate in Scotland or Ireland they are spending an entire day travelling to and from the big event.
The Lake District is only 3 hours from London by train (Euston to Oxenholme 2h 46min), Glasgow to Oxenholme 2hours), Even Belfast is within the magic 3 hours window (Ryan air to Manchester 1hr).
You can all travel after work on the Friday, and crack open a beer when you arrive in the evening, Lake District stag groups don’t have to take an extra day off to come. 

The Lakes is set up for mad adventures

Leaping into pools, mega height abseils, beautiful bushcraft spots, wild adventures over and underground, on and in the water; all contained in a small area (that means minimal driving) with great access. You could say that we are the adventure capital of the UK.

There are no cheesy clubs* 

Is this a benefit? It depends on your outlook of what will make an awesome Stag Weekend, but we think a better time is had by all. We’ve got live music, real beer that doesn’t come super chilled (so you cant taste it) and incredible food.
* actually there is one and its pretty awful. If you want to do a standard Saturday night of club and taxi home, perhaps the Lakes isn’t quite for you, if you want a once in a lifetime memorable experience - read on!

Space, oh so much space

You can book accommodation that is out of the way for the weekend. Massive buildings with few neighbours, so you can play music, drink and chat into the early hours and generally be left alone to enjoy yourselves. There are loads of properties that are set up for this, the next most accessible is Scotland (Yorkshire is surprisingly crowded)

Adventure Stag is based here! 

The Lake Districts premier stag package provider, they are local not national and know how to get the job done. They are well set up with accommodation providers that actually want you. An amazing array of activities, they set the weekend up so there is no hassle getting everyone fed, you don’t even need to have a car to use - they have their own transport.

All the Best Man needs to do is find 8 people (or more) to cough up for the initial booking. Any extras can add themselves on directly at a later point, it's so easy.

So the Best Man with a single phone call, to Adventure Stag can set up the event and look awesomely organised. He/she has sorted a barbecue on the first night, mind blowing activities on Saturday, a brewery tour and meal out and then hangover activities on Sunday. The best man has even made it possible for the car-less in London and those flying in from Ireland to do it all without taking a day off work. Best Best Man EVER 

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